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Work programme 2012

Programme 2012

Centre d'analyse stratégique’s 2012 work programme embodies the efforts made by the centre to follow its mission as effectively as possible. That is, to illuminate the Prime Minister and the Government in the implementation and definition of its strategic visions for public policy, and participate in the broader public debate on major issues of national interest in the short, medium and long term prospective.

The 2012 project agenda at the Centre d’analyse stratégique will in particular treat the following topics:

  •  In face of the economic downturn, what short-term responses, and what medium term policies are necessary to more towards sustained growth and high employment?
  • What strategies should be adopted in France and elsewhere in Europe in response to the shift of the global economy towards Asia and emerging countries (BRICS)?
  • What are the most effective responses to society’s ever-growing demand for risk coverage in an environment of rare public resources?
  • What is the impact on society of the widespread use of the internet and the rise of social networks, and how should public authorities respond?


The four departments at the CAS will focus on these four issues throughout the year. Each department’s programme will base its reflections and proposals around these topics. These perplexing, persistent and current problems will be made available through the publications and information provided by the departments. 


Research of the Department of Sustainable Development will be conducted across four major areas:

  • The technologies and investments of the future
  • Economic regulations to encourage sustainable development whilst fostering economic competitiveness
  • Policy-led behavioural change in favour of sustainable development
  • International environmental negotiations 


A work programme with a strong international comparative perspective:

  • Improving the coverage of social risks
  • The promotion of social cohesion and the answer to societal issues
  • The modernisation of social policies institutions and administrations

Political and social stakeholders face a complex balance: while there is less and less room for maneuvering, the social demand for risk-coverage remains strong; hence, the need for social investment designed to strengthen the prevention of risks before they materialise. This challenge takes place in a context of significant social changes such as changes in family life style, new expectations in younger generations and, of course, an aging population. 


 A work programme influenced by the difficult crisis and organized around these three main areas:

  • Cooperative and non-cooperative relationships between countries and their consequences on global imbalances
  • Investments: how can we start taking risks again and move forward into an uncertain future (companies' situation, role of the State, financing growth)
  • Steering the economy: the search for efficiency, the implementation of social and economic incentives 


 In a context of persistent unemployment, six research areas will be focused on:

  • The functioning of the labor market
  • Employment and competitiveness
  • New modes of action for employment and labor policies
  • The impact of information and communication technology on the workplace and on employment
  • Sector and profession-based approaches
  • The next challenges for higher education 


In 2012 CAS will also build a "CAS 2.0” presence on the internet and on social networks seeking to increase its media and publication information, including live events on the internet. By organizing a series of international conferences called "les Rendez-vous" that will feature authors of important books and open or closed seminars, the CAS will continue to contribute to the dialogues between French expertise and international public policy. The CAS will especially facilitate exchanges and mutual understanding between the political and administrative sector and the research sector.

Press Contacts:

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Communications Officer
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