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Conferences on Globalization


The Globalization Analysis Group was launched by the Centre d’analyse stratégique and CEPII in February 2006 and with the Centre for Studies and Research (CERI) starting October 2008. By conducting pluralistic reflections and analyses, this group is intended to promote an understanding and an appropriation of a large globalized general public and its consequences. The objective is to help inform the public dialogue by understanding globalization in all its dimensions (economic, social, environmental, cultural, etc..). Therefore, the group will focus on providing rigorous, concise and clear information. Apart from analyzing the process of globalization itself, the group will also look into strategies and the way in which actors are represented (companies, governments, territories, civil society).

The joint collection of documents at the Centre d’analyse stratégique and CEPII, "The Issues of Globalization ", provides bi-monthly reports on issues addressed by the Globalization Analysis Group

The events of “Les Rendez-Vous de la Mondialisation” 2012:

  • The De-Westernization of the world (March 7) - Learn more
  • Banks and financial stability in the world (June 27) - Learn More
  • The emergence of sub-Saharan Africa in the globalization (October 3)
  • The cyber globalization: opportunities and risks? (December 12)


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