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Research areas

Sustainable Development

The Sustainable Development Department is in charge of sector-based policies (environment, energy, transport), technology development policies (space policy, digital economy) and their industrial implementation.


For all these subjects, it places sustainable development, in particular combating climate change and preserving biodiversity, at the heart of its concerns without, that said, forgetting either industrial competitiveness or redistributive issues.


The Department collaborates with non-governmental organisations, universities and companies as well as other government offices and bodies in the course of its work.


Le défi alimentaire de l'Afrique

  In 2030, the increase in population, urbanization and changes in dietary habits in Africa should lead to a sharp increase in food needs. Increased variability of water resources in time and (...)

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Les enjeux de l'eau

  The water management today faces many challenges both in France and abroad. In France, where the priority of the last century was primarily to supply water to the entire population through (...)

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Cybersécurité, l'urgence d'agir

  Organizations are insufficiently protected to cope with cyber attacks increasingly developed. Raise the level of cyber security is an urgency to preserve economic competitiveness and national (...)

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Panorama des transports

A unique overview by the Centre for Strategic Analysis - February 203 (...)

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Pour un affichage environnemental obligatoire

This note contributes to the debate on whether to generalize the display of the environmental impact of consumer products , experienced in the context of the law "national commitment to the (...)

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How to limit the rebound effect of energy

This note , from a collaboration between the Centre and the CRÉDOC strategic analysis, recommendations for further experiments relating behavioral incentives for energy saving home. (...)

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