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Research areas

The Social Issues Department attempts to tackle both the analysis of social risks (healthcare, addiction, the family, housing) and the analysis of “social links” and the “living together” issue (municipal policy, diversity, policies relating to social cohesion).


Emerging trends and best practices are identified within these themes. Particular attention is paid to international comparison factors. The work takes various forms (analysis notes, reports, study days) and is carried out in partnership with the competent experts and institutions.


Document de travail (2013-02)

All studies and reports have been devoted the last fifteen years teaching languages ​​and cultures of antiquity have been diagnosed with an accelerated decline of the classics that are common today (...)

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Vieillissement et espace urbain

The challenge vieillisssement requires adaptations of urban space. A city that meets the needs of an aging population contributes to maintaining healthy seniors, but also the quality of life for all (...)

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Gestes de premiers secours : une responsabilité citoyenne

The action of a witness in a medical emergency can be critical to the survival of the victim. How to raise citizens' awareness and lifesaving facilitate intervention? (...)

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Les politiques de cohésion sociale

Two years, between September 2010 and April 2012, the Centre for Strategic Analysis (CAS) and the Directorate General of Social Cohesion (CRD) organized a series of public seminars on fourteen (...)

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How to use digital technologies

The use of digital technologies in public administrations has increased in recent years , to transform relations with users and improve administrative efficiency. How to better use these tools to (...)

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500 propositions, innovations et curiosités sociales venues de l’étranger

The Strategic Analysis Centre offers a new edition of its panorama of Social Issues stocktaking of the year 2012.  It is no longer 300 but 500 sights (the brief) that constitute the book: 500 (...)

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