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Document de travail (2013-06) - L’entrepreneuriat féminin

  Women entrepreneurs are not as numerous as they should. Does it brake specific female entrepreneurship? Is it of socio-demographic factors such as level of education or (...)

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Document de travail (2013-04)

The recent financial crisis has highlighted that price stability does not ensure financial stability. In light of the previous regulation shortcomings, financial regulation (...)

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Document de travail (2013-03) - Conditions de travail, organisation du travail e

Relying on the Working Conditions Survey 1998 and 2005 released by the Dares, this study develops a mapping of working conditions in every occupation using the nomenclature of (...)

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Document de travail (2013-02)

All studies and reports have been devoted the last fifteen years teaching languages ​​and cultures of antiquity have been diagnosed with an accelerated decline of the classics (...)

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De l’utilité de l’impôt pour freiner l’effet de levier du hors-bilan des banques

  IFRS accounting standards were included in the balance sheets of banks most of derivative financial instruments that we consider here under the term "off-balance" the (...)

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Document de travail (2012-10)

  Real convergence has not occurred in Europe . However, a union of heterogeneous countries keeps its meaning if the relationship is a source of additional value. It is (...)

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