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Research areas

Labour and Employment

The Labour and Employment Department is in charge of analysing the labour market, in relation in particular to economic changes and professional mobility.


In particular, it manages the economic forecasting work related to jobs and qualifications with public employment service players, social partners and local authorities. It monitors issues relating to labour, income and employment policies and training throughout the life cycle. In the case of initial training, its scope of study covers higher education.


Un fonds européen pour l'emploi des jeunes

Given the deepening youth unemployment in Europe, this issue of La Note d’analyse suggests to set-up a European Fund for Youth Employment. Its aim would be to enhance both efficiency in channelling (...)

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Plafond de verre

  Women still face many difficulties in their professional advancement. commissioned this study to analyze the firm Plein Sens careers of women who have reached the highest levels of corporate (...)

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Document de travail (2013-03) - Conditions de travail, organisation du travail e

Relying on the Working Conditions Survey 1998 and 2005 released by the Dares, this study develops a mapping of working conditions in every occupation using the nomenclature of professional groups (87 (...)

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Formation professionnelle initiale

This note discusses the history and current systems of vocational training of young people in France and Germany to capture the practical conditions of mutual inspiration. (...)

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Quel est l'impact des TIC sur les conditions de travail

  The influx of ICT (information and communication) in the public profoundly modifies the work of agents. This note analyzes their advantages and disadvantages in working conditions and offers (...)

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L'emploi des femmes et des hommes dans la crise

The 2008 crisis revealed in the European Union high level of gender segmentation of labor markets which, paradoxically, had a protective effect on female employment in short term. What are the (...)

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