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Plafond de verre

  Women still face many difficulties in their professional advancement. commissioned this study to analyze the firm Plein Sens careers of women who have reached the highest (...)

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Les politiques de cohésion sociale

Two years, between September 2010 and April 2012, the Centre for Strategic Analysis (CAS) and the Directorate General of Social Cohesion (CRD) organized a series of public (...)

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Politique de la ville, l'expérience américaine

The American experience of urban regeneration is both rich and ancient. accommodation, economic development, school, security, employment, social diversity, all these areas - (...)

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Rapport - Politique de la ville.

  When the consultation opens on the next stage of the policy of the city, the Strategic Analysis Centre wished to contribute to public debate and government thinking. (...)

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Où vont les négociations climatiques internationales ? (Rapport - Novembre 2012)

In the context of the symposium "Where are the international climate negotiations heading to?," the Center for Strategic Analysis publishes three notes in a mini-report.  (...)

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Tableau de bord de l’attractivite de la France (édition 2012)

For the third consecutive year, the Strategic Analysis Centre , the French Agency for International Investment , Direction General of the Treasury and the Interministerial (...)

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