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Un fonds européen pour l'emploi des jeunes

Given the deepening youth unemployment in Europe, this issue of La Note d’analyse suggests to set-up a European Fund for Youth Employment. Its aim would be to enhance both (...)

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La politique macroprudentielle

  Analyze the financial framework (regulatory and financial cycle, union bank) and its interaction with monetary policy leads to leads for their construction and (...)

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Le défi alimentaire de l'Afrique

  In 2030, the increase in population, urbanization and changes in dietary habits in Africa should lead to a sharp increase in food needs. Increased variability of water (...)

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Les enjeux de l'eau

  The water management today faces many challenges both in France and abroad. In France, where the priority of the last century was primarily to supply water to the entire (...)

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Valorisation de la recherche publique

To what extent and through what channels the public research organizations manage to develop their work? Learn from foreign experience can clarify the diagnosis and to consider (...)

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Cybersécurité, l'urgence d'agir

  Organizations are insufficiently protected to cope with cyber attacks increasingly developed. Raise the level of cyber security is an urgency to preserve economic (...)

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