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The proceedings of the International Symposium: The future growth

The proceedings of the International Symposium: The future growth


The Centre d'analyse stratégique held Monday, September 12, 2011 an international symposium:

"The growth of tomorrow"

in the presence of François Fillon, Prime Minister, and François Baroin, Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry.

What growth path after the crisis borrow ? This symposium provided an opportunity to identify the drivers of future growth and to guide policy trade-offs that will strengthen economic growth potential in France and Europe.

Summary of conference proceedings:

Opening : Vincent Chriqui, Director General, Centre d'analyse Stratégique

Intervention : Michel Barnier, former Minister, European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services

  • First Round Table : Industrial policy and innovation

Introduction : Christian de Boissieu, President, Board of Economic Analysis

I. The diversity of industrial policy strategies in Europe
Aiginger Karl, Director, Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO)

II. Strategies for supply chain development green in France and Europe
Dominique Bureau, managing director, Economic Council for Sustainable Development

III. How reindustrialise facing Germany and the emerging?
Patrick Artus
, economist, Director of Research and Studies, Natixis

IV. The selection procedures for future investments by states
Jean-Luc Tavernier, Deputy Commissioner General, General Commission for Investment


  • Second Round Table : Competitiveness price and non-price French and European companies

Introduction: Agnes Benassy-Quere , Director, CEPII

I. The position of France and other European countries in terms of price competitiveness and non-price-crisis
Mathilde Lemoine , Director, Economic Studies and Strategy of markets, HSBC France

II. Cost competitiveness of French companies after the crisis
Francois Bouvard
, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company

III. Levers to restore competitiveness in crisis
Michel Didier
, CEO, Coe-Rexecode

IV. The criteria of competitiveness of European ETI
Antoine Raymond , entrepreneur

V. The role of innovation in the competitiveness of French companies
Luc Rousseau
, Director General, Competitiveness, Industry and Services, Ministry of Economy, Industry and Employment

Speech : Baroin, Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry

  • Third Round Table : What impacts of the economic crisis on the instruments of economic policy?

Introduction : Daniel Cohen, an economist, director of CEPREMAP

I. The resolution of global imbalances over the medium term
Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas , Professor of Economics, University of California-Berkeley

II. The U.S. strategy for ending the crisis
Laurence Boone , chief economist Europe, Bank of America-Merrill Lynch

III. International coordination to support growth: European initiatives and issues of the Cannes summit
Coeuré Benedict , Deputy Director General, Directorate General of Treasury, Ministry of Economy, Industry and Employment

IV. The accompanying monetary policy of fiscal consolidation in Europe
Frank Smets
, Chief Economist, European Central Bank

V. What strategy to overcome the crisis of sovereign debt?
Jean Pisani-Ferry
, director of BRUEGEL

VI. Public debt strategy in France in the years
Gilles Carrez
, Rapporteur General of Budget, National Assembly

Speech : François Fillon, Prime Minister


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