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"Investment for the Future" and industrial policy in Europe (Policy Brief 236 - Sept. 2011)

"Investment for the Future" and industrial policy in Europe (Policy Brief 236 - Sept. 2011)


"Investment for the Future" and industrial policy in Europe: the targeting and selection of innovative projects which
Launched in 2010, the future investment program marks the return of industrial policy in France. It is for governments to target their interventions on sectors, areas, technologies or categories of enterprises that can ensure the competitiveness of the French economy in the long run.

This day brought back into industrial policy is not specific to France. All developed countries face the need to reorient their growth pattern in response to new socio-economic challenges (climate change, dwindling natural resources, aging, etc..). The character of increasingly limited resources - especially on the side of public budgets - then imposed to make choices. The debate is over and the very existence and the merits of the industrial policy but on concrete objectives and its implementing rules.

The analysis presented in this paper shows that industrial policy has shifted dramatically, especially on the question of targeting and modus operandi. In this regard, the international comparison shows that the main comparator countries can hardly be distinguished by the broad priority areas (biomedicine, nanotechnology, digital economy, etc..) They have chosen to promote. They are differentiated more by the way, at a finer level, they actually organize the selection of innovative projects, according to the characteristics and needs of their innovation systems.

Given the challenges and best practices in several European countries, however, several principles can be identified, to help improve the targeting of industrial policy and project selection innovants.crises.


  • The challenges of innovation
  • Industrial policy, deeply tranformée
  • A new way to target industrial policy
  • The French and German examples
  • The selection of innovative projects
  • Authors: Estelle Dhont-Peltrault and Rémi Lallement, Economy-Finance Department

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