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Reports 2012

Politique de la ville, l'expérience américaine

The American experience of urban regeneration is both rich and ancient. accommodation, economic development, school, security, employment, social diversity, all these areas - (...)

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Rapport - Politique de la ville.

  When the consultation opens on the next stage of the policy of the city, the Strategic Analysis Centre wished to contribute to public debate and government thinking. (...)

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Où vont les négociations climatiques internationales ? (Rapport - Novembre 2012)

In the context of the symposium "Where are the international climate negotiations heading to?," the Center for Strategic Analysis publishes three notes in a mini-report.  (...)

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Tableau de bord de l’attractivite de la France (édition 2012)

For the third consecutive year, the Strategic Analysis Centre , the French Agency for International Investment , Direction General of the Treasury and the Interministerial (...)

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Le dispositif médical innovant

The medical device industry is sometimes wrongly considered as a sub-sector of the pharmaceutical industry. It is true that the identification of this unknown sector is (...)

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Aider les parents à être parents

Vincent Chriqui , Director General of the Centre for Strategic Analysis presented, Monday, 3 September 2012, Dominique Bertinotti , Minister for Family report of the Strategic (...)

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Rapport : Des technologies compétitives au service du développement durable

Vincent Chriqui released Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2012, with Jean Bergougnoux, the report of the Centre d'analyse stratégique Competitive technologies at the service of sustainable (...)

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Tableau de bord des dépenses publiques européennes

Negotiations on the "financial framework" of the European Union (EU) for 2014-2020 provide an opportunity to consider appropriate changes to the Community Budget. These (...)

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L'accès au très haut débit

The Centre d’analyse stratégique requested a study on the expansion of accessible fiber optic networks from IDATE Access to high speed networks The study, conducted by IDATE for (...)

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Actes - Colloque international - La croissance de demain

Centre d'analyse stratégique organized an international seminar on Monday, September 12th 2011: "Future growth" with François Fillon, Prime Minister, and François Baroin, (...)

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Rapport - L’impact des TIC sur les conditions de travail

The Centre d'analyse stratégique and the Ministry of Finance recently published the report: The impact of IT on working conditions Combining the techniques used for computers, (...)

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Énergies 2050

On October 19th 2011, the Ministry of Industry, Energy and the Digital Economy asked professor Percebois Jacques at the University of Montpellier 1, to chair a pluralistic and (...)

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Les nouvelles mobilités dans les territoires périurbains et ruraux

The Centre d'analyse stratégique has released a report: "The new mobilities in suburban and rural areas". Today we face multiple issues when travelling: congestion in major (...)

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Les secteurs de la nouvelle croissance : une projection à l'horizon 2030

The Centre d'analyse stratégique has published: Areas of new growth: a projection for 2030 In recent months, low growth has confirmed the structural nature of the crisis and the (...)

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